hitting those Japanese textbooks!grammar rules are a painI can still hear sensei’s criticism a mile away

hitting those Japanese textbooks!
grammar rules are a pain

I can still hear sensei’s criticism a mile away

Free print I got done last month, January

(full view please;; tumblr made it look all gross and blurry)

DMMD keychains!!


You will probably not care about this, but tumblr showed you as a suggestion to follow but I gave a F5 on the page before looking properly and then when I looked back [before the page refresh] and Saw your icon and I was "IS THAT THE MALE MC OF LEGEND OF MANA". Luckily I got the name to look the name and check it up and it really was. Sorry about that, it is because I still don't know anyone who played it.
+ aureuspiscis

what whatttt not care??! of course I do LOL
and no, no that makes me really happy that you know of LoM!! I love that game to bits haha. Not that many people know of the mana games ;v;

oh yeah, yeah of course ruuko *Q* I’m gonna throw the whole set at you anyway lol

pokemon xy ahhhhhsdfsdf
I love this game a lot! I love the characters a lot too!!

Ahhh I stopped by your table like two or three times and got dmmd buttons and a keychain.(wish i bought more) I love your art and I'm glad I found you on here. ;u;
+ kyojin-senpai

dfdsfs thank you so much. You were a really amazing levi!! I wish I got a picture of you though. But!! next time I will haha

Hey, I ordered the mug from you at ALA and got the DMMD buttons and pins =) I also was the Nitori that gave you the Free! and DMMD ribbons on Sunday~ I love your art soo much, when is your next con because I think I forgot to get a Rei button for my set.
+ alibaba-baby

heyyy! I remember you hehe you were a cutie clear and nitori too! *v* and thank you so much. Let’s see.. my next con should be anime conji but if you’re not able to go that con I have a con schedule right here

I-I really like prof.Sycamore a lot! lol

hii! i saw your booth at the con today and just wanted to say i really liked your stuff and youre super talented. hope to see more :D
+ amaerikan

Thank you that makes so happy!! hehe and thanks so much for stopping by