my favorite uvu!!

updated stock on my Storenvy
Very limited on some items
so be sure to place an order soon as I won’t restock in awhile uvu

**note** ignore some listings that say preorder. I actually have them on hand lol

back from ax!!
super exhausted and I just feel really dead hahaaaa;;;;

I’m happy for those that visited me and Ruuko. We both had a really fun time at ax and can’t wait for next year!!!!

tomorrow morning I’ll get to updating my storenvy so look out for that

I'm truly and undeniably in love with your art ( 。◕д◕)*:・゚✧
+ Anonymous

T-thank you kind anon ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

last minute ax print rush!!!
pretty obscure game but I hope people recognize it at AX!!

It was either wadanohara or diabolik lovers as my self-indulgent print haha

Just wanted to say your dmmd buttons are so so cute! Can't wait to stop by your table and say hi! Good luck in AA this year c:
+ princepsquid

ohhh!! yes please do visit!
let’s talk about volleyball,bicycles and dramatical boys

I’ll post a map soon of where Ruuko and I’ll be at… because I haven’t done that yet lol

uuuuhuuuu so tired
here’s a gaius

I’ve failed to keep up with haikyuu!!
Need to marathon through the eps some time soon

someone finish my work for me

someone finish my work for me

hello! i was at fanime and sadly your dmmd tote bag sold out before i could get it. but i remember you mentioning that you will have it on preorder sometime. can i ask when are you planning to do that? i'm sorry if i'm being pushy o A o;;
+ Anonymous

I just put it up! Thank you for reminding me, anon (^◇^)