hey! i see that kenma and kuroo are keychain options, but there's no picture for them. any way to see what they look like?
+ Anonymous

Fixed!! Sorry about that anon uvu

Bags are also up for preorder ✧\\ ٩( ‘ω’ )و //✧

Preorders are open again on my Storenvy
ends on August 5th

i saw that your next con is animecali and i was wondering what you'll have in stock there? thank you and your artwork is so cute ; v;
+ yamsguchi

I’m gonna try and bring what I had at ax over to anime cali—tote bag, stickers, pencil bags, etc. It’ll be in limited quantities though because it’s a way smaller con

I’m hoping to get some new stuff made in time too. I’ve been sketching nonstop haha!!

hi. may i ask you a question ? you'll probably find it stupid, but it doesn't matter. anyway, i'm silly. c: i'd like to order a DMMD keychain. are the remaining three characters are always available ? because i do not understand what you wrote on the product. sorry for the inconvenience.
+ Anonymous

I made an post about that a few days ago here
they are just leftovers from ax
I will be taking preorders again in the future soon. I will make a post when those go up
For all storenvy questions try not to send asks on anon uvu!!

Hi, so sorry to be bothering you! I'm sure you've received questions similar to mine :/ But I was wondering when your DMMD tote bags (from AX) would be going on your storenvy? Thank you so much. I love your art!
+ Anonymous

no worries, anon!
I don’t have anymore leftovers but I’ll be taking preorders again soon!
I’m almostttt done with sending orders out from the previous pre-orders

Hi! I saw the custom badge item in your shop. Will you be able to accept custom keychain requests? (At a different price?) thank you!
+ Anonymous

No I won’t be able to do that;; I’m sorry (ㆀ˘・з・˘)

Would you ever consider making wadanohara keychains?
+ Anonymous

I really want to!
I’m not too sure how many people would be interested though

I would love to make Wada and friends and a Sal keychain too!! (◍′◡‵◍)

my favorite uvu!!

back from ax!!
super exhausted and I just feel really dead hahaaaa;;;;

I’m happy for those that visited me and Ruuko. We both had a really fun time at ax and can’t wait for next year!!!!

tomorrow morning I’ll get to updating my storenvy so look out for that