I remember going to your booth at anime conji and I loved your dramatical murder buttons but I lot my virus one ;~; I feel so bad because it was super cute!
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all Storenvy preorders are up!
Order soon as I won’t be doing preorders again in awhile!!

Hey Yova! I love your art~ it's super cute and it's amazing! ; u;)/ you should make legend of zelda art knowing how wonderful your art is I know they will look so cute! <3 Keep up the good work! (・ω・)ノ
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ahhh I love LoZ!! I’m so behind on the games though
I need to make an effort to play more of the games!!

I wonder how the new zelda game for the wii U is like….

Finally found your blog! Your art is really amazing. I love your art so much!!!!
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Thank youuuuu!!! (^▽^)

Hi yova! Do you think you'll ever make those new future fish key chains into buttons? I would love to have the set!
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no I’m sorry,anon :C!!
I won’t be making keychains into buttons

future fish keychains done and now up on my storenvy

Would you ever do a commissioned body pillow with your own art of the character? I bet you could make a lot of money that way!
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Hmm prolly. Commission price would cost so much. Sounds fun though

thought I would try making one of these haha;;;;;

thought I would try making one of these haha;;;;;

did some guest work for a friend’s fanbook /v\

sleepy time boyfriend clear