Today is Aoba’s birthday
Happy Birthday, Aoba!!
Ren and Sei hbd to you too!!

(full view please;; tumblr made it look all gross and blurry)

Hey there! Saw you @ Conji! Favorite artist at the con!!!! ;-)
+ prettehcool


You have super cute art!! I saw you at conji when you were closing up and asked for a noiz and barnaby haha :D!
+ llytix

I remember you!!
you are too kind uvu

Hello, I met you at anime conji. You have lovely arts!
+ halo-forerunner

Thanks for stopping by! and thanks so much for the compliment!!

what are you working on right now?
+ Anonymous




Let me just draw these two forever

My friend sent me your mink keychain for my birthday and it's literally the cutest mink i've acquired so far ` o`
+ prince-ichi


Thanks!! Also that’s really cute of your friend to do!!
I hope you had an awesome birthday
happy belated birthday!

nothing much going on except con prep
….and lack of sleep :I

nothing much going on except con prep

….and lack of sleep :I

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